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Welcome to 16candles_fics! ^^
A Challenge Community for underdog fanfiction pairings

Ever since I started getting into fanfic, I found that I pretty much always support the unlikely/ unpopular pairing in fandoms. Why? I have no idea. xD;;

This is a challenge comm-- yup, just like the other million out there-- with one big catch. What is it, you ask? No majour pairings allowed. This is dedicated to the other ships, the ones you don't hear that much about, or that get lost in the fanfic world. Snape/Tonks? You got it. Tohru/Hatori, KuroSaku, FaixChii? Bring 'em on.

The only limit is your imagination.

Still don't quite grasp what a non-majour pairing is? Ask questions here.


1. Before posting stories in the community, make sure that your claim is accepted at this post.

2. After you receive a comment saying that your claim been accepted, you can start posting stories to the community. This is a prompt-based challenge, which means that should you claim a pairing, you need to write stories involving/ mentioning/ inspired by the prompt. You don't have to do the prompts in order--just make sure you number them in your title.

3. Any pairing, genre, etc. is welcome provided that you specifically mark anything that is not suitable for PG/ PG-13 audiences in the "Warnings" section.

4. How to post a fic:

(we're flexible on this, but please follow this basic format)

[Subject Bar: Fandom. Claim. Prompt.]

(number and what it is)
Word Count:
(humour, angst, adventure, drama, etc)
Rating: (G, PG, PG-13 are the standard ones. If you use other ratings, please explain what they mean in your post)
Summary: (the summary of your story!)
Warnings: (is it yaoi, yuri, het, shounen/shoujo ai, excessive gore, death!fic or anything else that you feel is not suitable for the kiddies/ warrants a warning? Tell us here)
Author's Notes: (self-explainatory~)

What we are not flexible on is the lj-cut. Your fic needs to be behind an lj-cut. This just saves space and gives others more time on the front page.

5. If school or real life becomes too much, or you just need a break from writing about this pairing, you can always drop your claim here.
---> There are no time limits for this challenge because I realize how hectic life can get. If you see someone who has the pairing you want and hasn't written it, comment on the claims page for it and I'll shift them to a waitlist or something.

6. No spamming, etc. Be nice. <3 Concrit is great and always loved, please take suggestions gracefully/ without erupting into fights. *spreads the love*

7. There is no limit on long your story can be. However~~ all stories must be at least 100 words (standard drabble size). If you do decide to do short fics, that's fine, but I want to see effort and editing put into them, not something that was just thrown together.

8. This isn't really a rule, but have fun! Everyone's here because they love writing, so enjoy yourself!

yay! Everything is candle-themed~ ;D no, you do not have to include candles in each fic. It isn't necessary to include the prompt words in the fic either, so long as the reader can see how they inspired the writing.

o1. Fiery Days.o2. Frozen Sparks.o3.Warm Glow.o4. Decaying Conflagration.
o5. Sealed with Wax.o6. Eternal Sunset.o7. Fireflies of Smoke.o8. Falling Star.
o9. Melting into Dreams.1o. Silent Embers.11. Rainy Day Inferno.12. Blaze of Glory.
13. Candlelit Loss.14. Incendiary Comment.15. Fluttering Flame.16. Wick's End.

You can pick up a table for your journal here:

If you don't want to do one of the prompts (or just want to keep going), you can always replace it with one of these:

Extra Bonus/ Replacements:

1. Celestial Trail2. Sparkling Celebration3. Trial by Fire4. Writer's Choice

When you've completed all the prompts, post here and we'll add you to the hall of fame~ and you'll receive a neat-o banner for your efforts. <3


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